GoCD Steering Committee 2016

Linda Brittingham, MSWChristiana Care Health System, Social Work
Keagen BrownDelaware Quality of Life Coalition
Susan Del Pesco, Esq.Ret. Superior Court Judge, Division of Aging
Timothy Gibbs, MPH, NPMcDelaware Academy of Medicine/Delaware Public Health Association
John Goodill, MDChristiana Care Health System, Palliative Care
Patricia JusticeDivision of Services for Aging & Adults with Physical Disabilities
Jan Lee, MDDelaware Health Information Network
Jamie MackDelaware Emergency Medical Services/Division of Public Health
Kathleen McNicholas, MD, JDRetired, Past Academy President
Mary PetersonDivision of Long Term Care Residents Protection
Teresa RitterState Long Term Care Ombudsman
Wade Scott, Esq.Delaware Elder Law Center
Kate Smith, MD, MPHDMOST Program Manager
Wayne SmithDelaware Health Care Association
Yrene WaldronHealthcare Facilities Association